Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quiet day

A few weeks ago at Shelton's where Corey works there was a photo contest where employee's kid pics were all posted on a board and when clients checked out they voted for their favorite pic. I think you may know where this is going..... Kori's picture won! Ya! Prize was a gift card to Toys R Us. It being a quiet day today Kori and I got up and went to the toy store. You see what we got! She LOVES it! Her idea to wear the helmet. Good job Kori. We are big on helemets at our house but I didn't even think of it for this. Corey was like lets never discourage her wearing her helmet! He always jokes we can look like the overprotective parents in our 50's. (I think we really are though)!


  1. I love the bike and think that she more than deserved the prize for the contest-she is the cutest thing!! I love that she is wearing her helement too, Dylan wears his even when he rides in the little red wagon up and down the sidewalk...haha!!

  2. How fun!!! Do you have copy of the picture that she won the contest with?

  3. Staci- I think I may. It's an older one and its a closeup of her eyes!