Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie

This is what we had for dinner Sat. nite. I thought I'd take a pic because it looked so beautiful! Chicken pot pie is my family's favorite thing for me to make. It's sooo good so if you see this and want the recipe for you to make for your wonderful family just let me know. Anyway to my suprise Corey has done alot of cleaning and jobs around the house that needed done today. Could it be he was just so satisfied from the chicken pot pie?????? Should I make one every day? Corey stayed home w/ the kids while I went to church alone today. One of us needed to stay home w/ Austin since he's not completely well yet. When I got home the whole kitchen was clean from my BIG pancake mess! He's been busy every since! Thanks daddy and you shall be rewarded!


  1. What a nice surprise to come home to...a clean kitchen! The pot pie looks yummy!

  2. Joan loves it when I get in those cleaning moods.

  3. That looks beautiful and know I want the recipe!!! Cant wait to make it:)! What a great hubby you have!!