Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brother love

Sometimes I realize Austin has way more patience than I thought. Kori of course thinks the chore of trash and recycle is way more fun than Austin thinks it is. This is them this morning and instead of Austin running it out he takes the time to go VERY slow as Kori carrys one end. It's very sweet watching them together. She wants to do (and say-oh no) everything Austin does!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Every morning Kori gets up and only wants mama for about 10 min. After that she will stand on her own. lol I first make Austin's breakfast and while I do that Kori will help put together Austin's lunch. I think in another half yr she can just wake up and do it all herself! I put it all out and baggies next to it and she puts it all in bags. Now she has been doing this close to a yr. It's sooo cute and she loves it. After that Kori will drink her protein and then go brush her teeth with Austin. Her and I then take Austin to school and we come back home and make Corey's lunch and then his breakfast. After Corey leaves Kori drinks her wonderful goats milk while I sit down to eat. We have quite the morning routine!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Two of the pics were from the mall today. I told Kori last night at bedtime we could go to the mall in the morning to play. First thing when she got up today she wanted to get dressed and then she said "ready for mall"!!! The other one is Monday Funday and its my Corey and Kori playing in the rain!! That is one awesome thing about daddy- he does all the fun stuff like that I would never do! Thanks daddy!

Monday, April 27, 2009


This is how my kitchen table looks everyday now! We play so much play-doh at my house I don't even pick it up everyday. And I mean all of us! You should have seen the play doh pizza I made yesterday! lol Corey to be expected is very creative and his things make him look like a professional play-doh player. Simple cheap and endless hours of entertainment!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Austin just got his new glasses in the mail yesterday from mema. He had gotten a new eye exam when we were up there. He only needs to use them for reading. The past two yrs he hadn't worn any as he said he didn't need them! He's actually excited about these ones so we'll see how it goes. This picture is this morning of him reading when he got up. Handsome Austin!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Corey has been asking me to order this wagon before our Turner Falls trips this summer. He LOVES the tires. lol Of course I thought its to expensive so before ordering it from Walmart I checked Craigs List and there one was! Used twice for a third of the cost. Praise God for always taking care of our needs!

Veggie Patrol

I have been thinking quite a bit lately just how much I am thinking about and monitoring my families intake of veggies! Knowing that I'm the one who thinks and prepares all the meals I know I'm responsible if enough veggies are not being ate. And with kids it can be a challenge. Although even at time Corey is like I think I need more salad! Poor Austin- just when he think he is eating alot of them then I start talking about maybe needing more green leafy ones or some other colors that we hadn't had in a while. For the first time with Kori the other day I even had to tell her the famous line of "well if you don't eat your veggie first then there is nothing else". That one has always worked for Austin. Being that Kori is home with me all day she gets veggies at lunch. I start thinking of Austins lunch and I think ok after school snack will be 2 differ fruits! lol So thats how I started thinking I am on veggie patrol everyday. I told Corey its funny but this is a huge part of my job taking care of my family veggie needs! As usual(and thankfully) he answers with "one more reason I can only be with you" Awwww!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Money For Jesus

This was so precious I just wanted to put this in here. First let me add this was one of our pancake days. Everyone gets up so excited when they see the pancakes making! Kori came down the hall as I was making them and wanted to help. I was holding her and I heard her say "money for Jesus mama" She was looking at some money Corey folds a certain way for tithe that he hadn't put up yet. I know Corey has told her all about the "money for Jesus" before.
Thank you so much to daddy for showing our kids daily about giving to Jesus first before anything else.


Last night Corey had an updo class and he asked me to be his long haired model. How fun! Believe it or not this was the first time we have ever dropped Kori off anywhere to be babysat. I dropped her and Austin off at Eva's at 5:45. She did great! Why would I even think twice about it? She LOVES Eva! Austin I think loves her more than he though to. He's wondering when he's going back!! I had a nice time at the class being with Corey. Not working with him anymore I forgot how awesome it is watching him work. He is so talented and I love watching him. The hair was fun. Kori will soon know its such a blessing to have our own personal stylist!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daddy's girl

We came home yesterday from Kansas and it was 90 degrees outside!! We were so happy to feel the hot sun and to be back. Normally Corey works until 8 on Tuesdays. We got back at 11am so we had the whole day with him. Kori wanted to be and play with daddy all day! That's not the norm so he was soooo happy. Kept saying it was his lucky day and even motivated him to get alot done since he has a little helper. It felt very strange for me not to have her at my side all day. I missed her! Austin waited for his friends to get home from school so he was out playing football until 8. 5:30 I thought well I will just go to the gym! I didn't know what to do with myself without my little shadow. So happy to see daddy glowing though as Kori followed him all day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We had been visiting Mema in Kansas this past week for her birthday. What a nice break! Austin and Kori adore Mema. This trip Kori decided she wanted to take a lot of mema's things home to our house. Mema was fine with it!! As you see Kori is the only girl. There she is with her handsome brother and cousins. The other pic is mema Kori and Austin at the Bass Pro Shop. Austin is to excited about his fishing pole.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kansas Park

A couple pics from the park Friday. Kids had a blast and it was one of the warmer days we were there.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a wonderful day! We went to Sat. nite church that our church added for Easter so we slept in today! 8:30! How nice. Kori was very excited to dress up and go to church on Sat. I think it felt much differ than early Sunday church. This afternoon Kori went on an egg hunt in the backyard and thought it was so much fun. She was running!! Austin was gone for the weekend at his dads but came home with a new skateboard. Already full of tricks! Maybe it was the pound of jelly belly's he ate?? lol What a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter eggs

Corey blow drying his egg! He can make anything look perfect. So creative and full of great ideas! As you see Kori thinks its sooo funny.

Austin hard at work. He was busy making multi colored eggs. He soon was shirtless as he was getting pretty creative himself!

This is Kori waiting to get started. We were like where do her patience come from??? Corey said all the EFA's she takes!!

Well done!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Car fun

Kori loves to play in the car and she usually gets to on Mondays when she is in garage working with daddy. This Monday we finally got the patio furniture so she was sooo excited when we took out her car seat to fold the seat down. A lot of play room! I thought she looked so cute here sitting in the front.


Kori can talk all or one of into jumping with her everyday! This is this afternoon after Austin got home from school. Austin has no fear and after years of jumping he can do some really big tricks. I am shocked by the balance Kori has because I will jump as high as I can and she jumps right along and keeps herself up.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


We drove out to the Keller farm to pick up milk and eggs. It always feels so peaceful at the farms. Here is the kids petting the goats. Austin wanted to stay and I was thinking how nice it would be having a whole day at any of the farms we visit. Such a change of pace. The excitement of Kori screaming "animals" is so neat.

Sweet Sound

This morning I heard the sweetest sound. It was about 6am and Kori was asleep beside me. Of course it was really dark in the room. I awoke to the most precious giggle. I soon realized she was sleeping and laughing away in her sleep. I really needed to hear this, this morning. I snuggled her and thanked God.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is Kori yesterday when we were preparing dinner for the evening. I always let her help with every meal whether its stirring shaking the spice in or putting the veggies in after they are chopped. Well yesterday I told her you may not want to be the the onion because it sometimes will burn your eyes. Se kept saying she was ok and when I looked at her I saw these precious eyes!!

Pump it up

Kori started a 10 week course called jumpstart at Pump It Up yesterday. It's every Wed. at 9:00. She loved it and kept saying class fun!!!! That slide is sooo big and I must brag Kori being almost the youngest and smallest was only one of two who climbed on up alone and made it! Go Kori!


Austin before school yesterday. They had class pictures. Austin is so handsome I don't know what I'll do with him!! We get so many calls from little girls. Most of the time I don't even tell him! He says its boring to sit and talk to them. Good!