Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nice day

What a great day today was. Last night was up several times. I'm thinking it was teeth because she was fine today. Not even cranky! Now me on the other hand around 10am was feeling REALLY sleepy. I blame that on the gym at 5:30 after only a few hrs of sleep. Who knows what it would take for me to really think I should just skip the class!!?? So at 10:30am I told Kori mama was tired and that I'd be joining her for nap today. I said let me know when your ready(hoping it could be like 2 hrs sooner than normal) lol!! Like 10 min. later she said "I'm gonna hop on in" meaning bed. She is so sweet that I don't even have the words to explain! After nap we ate and believe it or not went and looked again at patio furniture. Then Ulta which she loves that store. Thought we'd do that one before school let out because Austin would be asking to wait outside! We picked up Austin and then went across the street to walk around the cemetery. My kids love doing that! I must admit I like it to even though I've read all the stones several times. They chased grasshoppers. To cute!

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