Monday, March 16, 2009

Believing And Trusting

I just wanted to write a message about Corey really teaching me to trust in the Lord. He has taught me so much without him knowing. I have been thinking about this quite a bit these past few weeks. It has made me think about how differ believing in God and trusting in Him are. Very thankful I am that God has shown me this through Corey! (I couldn't imagine it any other way)!!
Monday Funday was a great day today! The weather was super. After alot of playing today Corey suggested a bike ride to the park. After spin class early this morning I knew it would feel rough, and it did! But was well worth it when Kori seen the park and was sooo excited!


  1. A real bike ride outside! So much better than riding a stationary bike inside a hot sweaty gym room - without a fan, by the way.

    In God we trust!


  2. Steve - lol! It may be more fun to ride outside...but there's no way it's a better workout than Shelly's class...unless you go on a mountain biking trip with Mike...but that's another story all together!

    What a blessing to have a husband that helps you grow in your walk with Christ! Not everyone is as blessed as we are!

  3. You are so right Staci! It feels like a beeter workout w/ Shelly!! outside wind does feel good though! lol