Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My 3 loves

It's always an exciting day when Corey has time to come home for a quick lunch to see us girls!! I know I talk his ear off! To bad he didn't come home a few hours earlier when Kori Jade was requesting a blow dry after her bath! Being that I couldn't turn down such a request I got the blow dryer out- a bit scared since its been yrs since I've attempted to dry some hairs! Looking at her I thought how hard could it be?? Turned out great and she gave a big smile. Well Corey got home for lunch and 15 min after nurse Jennifer calls from school and said Austin was feeling down. He woke up not looking to great but he insisted he not miss the big test today. As you can see Kori said she needs to lay with Austin. I totally trust that she will take great care of him! Also big thanks to Dr. Eva for immediately adjusting him! Your the best!


  1. Hope Austin gets to feeling better!! Im so proud of your "big" blow dry on Kj...I know it looked great! You have a BEAUTIFUL family and I know you must be so proud. Always remember what a graet momma you are too! Im so blessed to have you in my life:0)

  2. Lindsey- THANKYOU! I feel the same about you!
    Corey and I were looking at your pic of you holding Presli that you just put up and we both were saying just how beautiful you are. I miss you and hope to see you soon!