Friday, July 31, 2009

Water Balloons!

At Kroger they have all the summer fun on sale so I picked up a big tube of water balloons. Yesterday Austin and I filled a bunch up and played catch while Kori threw them and cracked up when they broke. The picture of her is right after getting hit with one. It was a lot of fun- especially when Austin took over the job of filling them up! We will have to do some more very soon!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lots of Cooking

This is the kitchen that Santa brought for Kori last year. I can't believe how much cooking she does everyday. She cooks all through breakfast and after she eats dinner everyday. And of course at other times from day to day but breakfast and dinner she will be in there for quite a while. She now even makes dishes and drinks for Samson. It's a bit messy in there and we all take turns organizing it. I told Austin this morning it is one of his chores today. Anyway- a big kitchen was a great investment!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Look at theses cuties!! Summer can be a lot of work. lol But also an opportunity of work to shape the kiddos. I really got to laughing at a few challenges I had with the kids today and was thinking how exciting it will be to throw another little personality into the mix. This afternoon we get to meet Eva and the girls at the gym. Ya!!

Bath Time

Corey works late on Tuesday nights so he got home about 10 min before the kids and I from football practice. Football ends at 8:45 so it makes a late night for Kori. Corey had her a bath ready lit with candles so it would be relaxing for her and then she could quickly get to bed. How sweet I thought. Corey always thinks of thoughtful little things. And by the way- nice looking arm daddy!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Here is Samson last week laying in the kitchen. He's getting so big! Today was a big day for him because we had a dog trainer come out to the house to show us some things we could be doing with him. It went great and the kids got to practice with her here. We are excited to have some ideas on training him differ commands as we had not a clue where to start. He is doing good but I know he would sleep later if nobody was leaving for the gym early everyday but we can't miss our workouts so he will just have to be an early riser!


Another week gone already???? I think I missed some days of blogging! This week is VBS at our church. Everyday from 9 until 12. The church had so many cool things out- so here is Austin in a few settings. It felt so good walking him in today and seeing the hundreds of blue t shirts that they were give to wear. The kids all had such big smiles. I left and was so thankful for all the wonderful people giving their time to make it a fantastic week. The youngest age to be dropped off is 3 and I told Corey next year Kori would be old enough and at the same time we were like no way would we or she be ready for that! Bless her heart its probably only hard for Corey and I!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ready for some football?

So I really wanted a picture of Austin in pads and helmet since last night was first padded up nite. This was Corey Tuesday night after he brought pads home. Last night as usual we were in a rush to get out the door that i didn't get the pic. Austin says take it another time! Austin survived the heat all padded up! Funny how he never even mentions the heat, only I do. lol I took Samson with us to practice because Kori said it would be fun. Needless to say it was not to fun. Over 100 outside even at 8 and he was hot and wanted to run around with all the kids!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mom take a pic of us!

Mom take a pic of us is what Kori says everyday to me as she gets positioned by the dog. I always grab the camera because she is so serious about it. Bust as I downloaded pictures it was so funny to see I have so many of Kori sitting by Samson in the kitchen.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time for a pool!?

Corey was in this plastic pool to! After I took the pic I asked him can this be the year we get our pool in the back?? Since we have talked about getting a salt water pool in our back yard during the off season. And Corey said probably we will probably need to enjoy a plastic one for another summer! I was just laughing thinking if we all get in this baby pool will we be able to handle ourselves in a big one??

Friday, July 10, 2009

Samson and Jake

Eva and the girls brought over this morning to meet and play with Samson. They are 3 mos apart. Samson was a bit scared of his new big friend but was getting use to him at the end of their play date. Jake is 6 mos old and is so good looking! Samson ran to Eva's lap in that last pic. He knew he was at a safe place!! Eva really wins our kids and now our dog over. Ya Eva- kids and dogs love you?! That's suppose to be a good sign! lol

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Video games!!

Summer video game time is here! Kori gets sooo excited when Austin has friends over. Today I tried to tell Kori that Austin was having friend time and he said mom she can be up here! How sweet! I just finished putting food in the new fridge. Love it- I never thought I'd have a freezer on the bottom fridge! Thanks daddy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bye Mema!

Awww! Yesterday was time to say bye to mema. Always a hard thing to do. We always take a pic outside before she goes and mema as you can tell is not smiling. She says we have to say goodbye before we get in the car. The time went by so fast when she was here I did not have time to post. Lots of playing went on and I love having Corey home an extra day. We got to spend a bit of time alone running around. Friday nite mema and I went to movie tavern for a funny movie. One downer was our fridge went out! Its only 2 yrs old but had a freon leak and is a goner!! Should we feel bummed?? Maybe but we actually picked out a much larger one and are pretty excited for it to arrive tomorrow. Anyway- bye mema! I'm pretty quick to start planning for her next trip down right after she leaves!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miss U Austin!

This pic is from Turner Falls but just missing Austin! He will be home on Sunday. Lindsey will be driving him as her parents live by Austins dad. That great because we can give baby Presli her bday gift on her bday! Have not had time to post as we have been so busy with house things and it would help if Corey and I didn't visit for an hr before we get started on projects! At 10pm. lol Mema comes tomorrow!! Ya! Always a very exciting time for us when she is here. We try to really take care of her like I wish we could all the time. Corey and I are going to sneak time alone here and there. We are going to work out together on Saturday for the first time in a yr or so.(I plan on being REALLY sore! Corey is way to hard on me! lol Friday I am going to the salon for a real appointment instead of our kitchen!! Happy week!