Tuesday, March 24, 2009

home baby check

Monday funday we decided we would give Kori her 2yr "well check". She is doing so well! With all my trips to the park lately and visiting with other moms these percentages from growth charts seem to come up so I printed me one. We first measured our baby girl and then weighed her. She was 27 pounds on the dot and a small hair shy of 341/2 in. We then looked at our chart and looked at Kori and said you look very well!! Now when I'm asked at the park if she is tall I know they are referring to the chart and I have a clue now. Before I had to answer with if there were perfection she would be just that! When I printed the chart I seen another well check is due at 4 yrs but we may give her one sooner as she thought it was a great time!


  1. That's great that Kori liked the check-up! Now you just need a stethoscope!


  2. LOL hey I think we may have one! Corey was a Dr. one year for Halloween!

  3. How fun! It's always great when the kids like their doctors ;)