Friday, May 29, 2009

Suddenly taller?

These are from Kori today. Maybe its her clothes but watching her play today I thought did you grow over night?? She just looks taller today! Maybe that was the cause of her 3 hr nap yesterday!!

Ya! Friday!

I was realizing I haven't had time to post these past couple of days. It's been a busy week but I can't even think what all has gone on! Wednesday we did our weekly playing with Lindsey, Dylan ,and Presli. Always such a great time. I look forward to getting to hold Presli every week, she is so sweet and has the biggest smile just like her mama! I keep trying to encourage Lindsey to be busy so she can drop off that baby at my house!! But if anyone knows how hard it may be to drop off their baby- that would be me!! lol since I have only dropped off Kori one time at Eva's! And one other time Lindsey came to our house to watch Kori for just a few hours. Thursday we got to meet Melissa's baby girl Claire. She is only 9 weeks old so she seemed so small. Amazing how you forget tso fast how little they are. She was a really pretty baby and mama was glowing! Kori rocked her in her carrier and said later she wants her OWN baby! All in good time if its God's will I told her! Going to a water feature park for toddlers if its open today so I will have to take pics to post. This sunny summer weather is just wonderful!! It makes me hardly be able to wait until we got to Turner Falls to the cabin for a few nights and get to spend time with daddy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday Funday

Just wanted to post pics of 2 of my cuties from Monday!!


Here we are at breakfast! Finally grabbed the camera this time. Kori hops on Austin's chair and scoots to the side and waits for Austin and then she tells him "there is enough room to share". How cute and the great brother he is he sits in the space provided!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Times

Yesterday was really a great refreshing day. Kori and I had a slow morning and then went to Whole Foods to get food for grilling. Kori had a great idea to pick out new fingernail polish while we were there. She picked out a very bright pink that is super cute. We couldn't get home quick enough to paint her fingers and toes. She got to wear both of her swimsuits yesterday. The brown she put on last night and its hard to tell in the pic but she is eating an onion. Eating it like a fruit!! Daddy got home and he sent me off for a really nice pedicure and took out Kori for errands. After pretty flowers and a wonderful card and then a pedicure I was like wow I must be being a fantastic wife!! Corey grilled some great dinner and after Kori went down we sat out at the fire pit and made smores. Sooooo good! The chocolate bar I bought at WF was 91% coaco so I told Corey eat up its good for ya! Anyway good times! Looking forward to summer evenings outside.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


We are one of many families who make many evening Walmart trips. Last night being our second night to go to Walmart during Kori's bedtime! What are we thinking?? Probably not our fault since the new on is SO close. We bought Kori a plastic pool and Austin we thought we'd surprise with a new scooter! So it was a fun trip. As we were in the parking lot and Corey was tying the pool to the rack of the FJ I just laughed to myself thinking how much I enjoy these silly things like watching him get it all tied up. Well the laughter may have come from thinking of last year when we got her pool home. It was the same pool in pink but we didn't have the FJ Cruiser and we put it on top of the Grand Prix and and held it w/ our hands sticking out the window!!!!! People were laughing and so were we! But its the things like that where I am so thankful to have Corey because we have quite of few stories like that! Anyway- no Walmart tonight! We have planned to cook out and lite the firepit and let Kori swim in the dark. Austin would love that because he loves the fire but he is gone for the weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I just do not have many pictures of my big Corey! Big Corey is what Austin calls Corey which Corey loves! Last night I shot this pic real quick so I could get him on. I am going to get some pics of him this weekend for sure. In fact I think summer is about the only time I take more pictures of Corey. Anyway- Friday! Praise God for the weekend. Such a treat to have daddy home. He has been working to much! I know that is a blessing but we miss him!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Day!

What PERFECT weather for field day!! So fun seeing all the kids so excited! Lets not forget the excitement Kori Jade had either!! She made a lot of little friends quickly. Austin did really good. I was cracking up when I seen his class t-shirt had turned into a muscle shirt. How cute!

Summer Fruit

Last night I was feeling run down and never ran to the store like I planned. Its very seldom that I will ask Corey to stop after work- especially when he gets off at 8 like on Tuesdays. I told him to pick up fruit for Kori's breakfast and he brought home this beautiful organic pineapple, cantaloupe, and oranges! Well when she got up she wanted all 3 so it was a morning of fruit cutting.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Outside Fun

Just trying to post some pics! This was yesterday on our back patio. We played in the sandbox, did some chalk drawing and sat at the outside table.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Water Park in May

What a great day Sunday was! We woke up a bit late and was moving slow. We needed to make early church because at noon the church had Hawaiian Falls rented out until 7 and Austin and his friend were VERY pumped up about it and wanted to start the swimming fun right at 12. In May??? BRRRRR I was thinking we were moving to slow and were maybe going to miss church. All I needed to hear was Corey say we really need to make sure we get to church. So 35 min I had us all up fed and dressed and in the car. So thankful for Corey to making sure we were where we needed to be!! Kori got to do some errand running with daddy alone which she loves and I did gym and cleaning and even lounging while they were out! Austin crashed soon after swimming and we let Kori stay up way to late! She is just so sweet though. She was twirling in circles and we ere watching again Business of Being Born. Love that and now its been playing on Showtime. I was reminded just how blessed and thankful I am for knowledge Corey and I have received about the things important to us!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Joe Joe's

Joe Joe's is what Kori calls Austin't action men. Austin has always called them Joe's. She LOVES it when she gets to play them with Austin. Austin styill plays them every evening at least- but normally without Kori! Today after school he must have been in in a great mood to let her play with them to! Kori and I had a great day of shopping. She was soooo excited to go get new shoes and she found two great pairs at Stride Rite.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

After bath

This is the first pic I have taken in a few days! Just thought she looked so cute after bath tonite. I am going to do so much better remembering to take pics next Wed. when we play with Dylan and Presli. I once again today brought the camera on our playtime at the park but didn't remember to get it out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Funday

Not to much going on this past Monday Funday but fun of course! Slept in and skipped spin class! Felt good. lol A guy came out and fixed 2 rock chips on the car window. Then we went to Central Market and we ended up walking the whole store for a while. Amazing how much fun we have at Whole Foods and Central. Its like its our first time there every time. Since Coreys weekend is Sunday-Monday yesterday was still Mothers Day since your suppose to get the weekend. So one more day I didn't have to clean or cook! Ya!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

What a wonderful Mothers Day! One of my favorite church days. Corey missed it since Kori was just not wanting daddy to leave her today at church. Praise God for the way daddy cares for her. It's very sweet. I on the other hand was getting to hear truth about mothers and hearing encouragement much needed! How refreshing. I want that picture to keep growing. Being a mommy feels more and more important everyday. Thank you family for making me feel so special today!

Friday, May 8, 2009


This morning got really busy. I did spin class from 5-5:30 and then Bodypump for an hour. After that I had to pick up something from Kroger. I rushed home to get the pancakes going because Friday is one of our pancake days. Austin eats first and that's when I realized we only have a bit of maple syrup left!! I don't use any because I like almond butter on mine and of course Kori eats hers plain but..... what about Corey?? I felt sad about that and he said its ok I can eat them plain. I knew this would be the only time Corey could sit and eat all the way until he came home from work. I told Austin eat get ready and wait for me by the door because I'm running out to store #2 all by 7:30! Of course by little helper runs for her shoes and off we go for syrup. I got to laughing on the way home from taking Austin t school because I had done 2 gym classes, 2 stores, made the cakes, the lunches and had Austin to school all by 7:45. It really hit me how thankful I am to just be able to do all that. Physically and mentally!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a great day!

Today started with Kori getting her hair done before her jumping class. How blessed to have daddy as a personal hairdresser! After lunch we met Lindsey Dylan and Presli at the park. I wish I had a pic to post. They are a stunning looking mama and kids. I really thought wow!! The park was fantastic and I could probably never get enough visiting time with Lindsey. I sure did not want to give Presli back to her! I got to hold her the entire time almost! Later that day Eva and I tried a differ class at the gym and Austin and Kori got to play with Avery and Kendall. I couldn't help to feel so thankful for getting to spend time with great friends today! They are just as beautiful inside as they are out. Praise God for them!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Funday

Austin and I ran to Whole Foods today and he picked Kori a treat out of the basket when you check out since she wasn't there to pick her own. He picked the little orange(that's what he called it) I think its a clementine?? Anyway I was so shocked that she could peel the whole thing by herself! She is just growing up I guess!

Yes Austin is using an ax!! Corey and him were chopping some cedar for our fire pit. How could I forget marshmallows from Whole Foods?? Austin did a good job but I was scared watching him!! As any mother would be, right?