Friday, March 6, 2009

feeling down

Austin is home from school today. He's had a cough and a hard time breathing this week but he insists on making it to school everyday. Could this really be my child?? I would have never opposed a day of staying home! This was a pic of him in his room this morning when I went to check on him. He loves playing his g.i joes. He plays them everyday after school and alot on the weekends. I am going to miss this play one day and I hope its still a few yrs away. I'm hoping he feels better today but I must admit its nice having him home!!


  1. I hope he is feeling better soon, but I know you will enjoy him home today!! We will miss those days when our boys are still playing with their "toys", but like you said, hope it is not for a long time!!

  2. Hope he starts feeling better soon!