Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Worries

It is definitely not like me anymore to worry or to think to far ahead of today. That's why I was so surprised this morning with my thought when Austin got out of the car at school. He's fourth grade and I was thinking I do not want elementary school to end!! Junior High??? No! Kori yelled out "bye Audi" and it hit me- she will be saying that to me one day as she shuts the car door! I was in tears. I can imagine the support from Corey I will need that day! I call Corey on my short ride home from drop off trying to tell him how I'm feeling. What is his response??? He says "why are you thinking about something three years away"? Just what I knew my he would say!! Loved his answer. One of the many reasons I'm in love with my husband. Always puts me into reality!!


  1. Sometimes Mike likes to tease my by talking about our boys graduating HS and getting married, etc! That's YEARS and YEARS away...but it still brings tears to my eyes! I was holding Brody tonight and told him that one day he'll be too big for me to carry. His response? "Will I be big enough to drive then?" lol

  2. Slow down and focus on the moment!

  3. I know that feeling! Dylan is one year away from starting kindergarden and i could cry just saying that!! Enjoy the moment...this time is so fast and precious!! I know that you do!!