Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hair nite

Tonight was my hair appointment! Ya! So right away Kori Jade got out her little stool and said she was getting her hair done! Well first let me explain that she does have on her new bathing suit. I bought it at Target today and she needed to put it on right away. Corey put a few foils in Kori's hair(of course no color)! I thought foils and a bathing suit- how cute! Of course I told Corey she better be the only client wearing a bathing suit!! lol


  1. Ok first I have to say-THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET!! Then, I must agree, no blond babes in bathing suits need to be sitting in Coreys chair getting their hair done..haha!!!

  2. Did you make Corey work on Sunday?

  3. How adorable!!! You are raising her right! :) I second the comment Lindsey made about blonde babes in his chair! LOL