Friday, August 28, 2009

Army Man

Austin loves to put on these Army clothes that use to be Corey's and just pretend all kinds of cool stuff! He has done it for years. He came in from outside last night and just looked so adorable! I told him he needs to wear those when he is laying on the floor wrestling the dog! Can you believe our puppy is getting so big? He is taller than Kori when he stands. He is only 4 mos old but such a big sweetie!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So much fun

This is going to be quick because I'm sleepy but Wednesday Kori and I went to the water feature park in Mansfield and she had such a blast! It was realy a great time just watching her excitement!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fifth Grade!

Monday morning was our first day of fifth grade. Wow! Where did the other school years go? Kori was not going to let Austin get his first day of school picture by alone so there she is with him in her pj's. Kori was concerned that Austin must be scared since he is all alone(meaning without me). Austin has great teachers this year- I have known them for several years since we workout together. Austin said himself that he will be extra good this year since he would be embarrassed not to be since I see his teachers often! Ya!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School and Church

Well this past weekend Mema came back to visit. It's always so wonderful having her here but its never long enough. Sunday we left Kori here with Mema and we just took Austin to church. It was nice to be able to focus on him a bit extra right before his new school year started. Before service started they had all of the kids go up on and around the stage. I wish I would had brought the camera. It was an amazing sight. We then had a back to school prayer for our kids and it was just the greatest feeling. I was so thankful for Austin to be a part of this much needed prayer at our church. I felt so tearful and as I'm writing this I'm not sure why I was trying so hard to hold the tears in!! I also learned every Sunday counting all 3 services we have over 2000 kids come through the youth department. Incredible!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kori and Kendall

Time has flown by and I have not posted anything! I didn't know where to even start and thats when I seen this picture from last week of Kori and Kendall (Eva's baby). They decided to play in Samson's kennel. It is so sweet and cute to just sit back and listen to te conversations of two 2 year olds. During play-doh time Kendall started singing "Jesus loves me this I know"- and Kori joined in! So so so sweet. I see a beautiful friendship forever!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This past Wednesday evening we went to the circus! It was so much fun. Corey already knows exactly where he wants us to sit next year! lol The kids both loved it and we were surprised Kori sat in her chair the whole time except when she seen the man who was walking around selling "hats" she said she wanted one to daddy. She is wearing it up in the picture. What a great show- of course the next day I had to look online at what the protesters were saying about the elephants and even after being directed to the PETA sight I still didn't see anything wrong but hey we all don't see everything the same, do we??

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is Kori sitting with her new friend Maddie at Austin's football game. And Maddie's sister. They sat in this little circle for half the game looking and playing with Kori's baby. It was sooo cute! Kori was so proud you could tell. I love that she is loving babies. A natural little mama!


I just can't find the time to post!! Anyone who I talk with knows I keep saying football is taking over!! With 4 practices a week and now a game every Saturday and driving we spend about 12 hrs a week at football! Last Saturday was our first pregame. We lost by 1 touchdown but it was really cool watching him on a real football field this year. Austin played the entire game which was a big deal because they have over 30 players. I was so proud!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Big Girl Bed

This is Kori's first "real" bed! It's so cute. I figured a platform bed would be perfect in case of a roll off. And she picked out her own bedding. As you see it was a good choice. Now every since she was about 14 months old she came to sleep with us! Surprising we were a bit sad to move her out. I had no clue how she would do but last night was night 3 and she has slept all night until about 5 and comes to our room and I love her little voice saying mama and waiting at our bed! I have to add how wonderful Sunday has been today. We had to be at church by 8 :15. yikes!! VBS kids sang for us before service. I learned that we had around 900 kids this year at VBS and 455 volunteers!! That is Amazing! God is doing wonderful things at Crossroads!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Austin saves his money and seldom will buy anything. Every now and then when he decides he wants a bigger item I always remind him of how much money he has. And usually he quickly decides maybe he doesn't need it! But last weekend he decided he wanted a nice skateboard. So this is what he and his friend Jared have been doing lately. He's pretty good! Corey got him the awesome helmet. He has decided to wear that one on his bike to instead of his bike one. I have seen Austin in the shirt he has on in the picture everyday this week and I loved it! That is the VBS shirt this year at church. It was an amazing week at Crossroads this week! I can't wait to see the show the VBS kids put on for us at church tomorrow. All the huge animals our church had displayed everywhere were the one's from Cabella's!! Who knew you could rent them??