Monday, June 29, 2009


Monday Funday- Busy Busy! Wanted to post this real quick- Kori thought this was super cool. Daddy in the crate. I had to run and get the camera. Been so busy painting and staying up way to late and early gym is hurting!!


  1. That is funny! How did they both fit in there?

    Eva was at the gym without you this morning! She looked lonely. Tracy asked where you were and Eva explained about the work you are doing on the house. The class is still on this Friday.

  2. I was shocked they fit in there! Its the Large crate though. Kori wanted the dog to come in and daddy said no! You know i do not like missing gym! Stayed up so late again painting and then Samson wanted out at 3! Needless to say I did not hear alarm at 5!!