Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hour of Power!

The gym- today was body pump but I use to find spinning a real challenge and 4:55am I hop on my bike close my eyes and pray for an hour of power and focus. Works every time, its always a time to get lost in the music and enjoy the pain!! Not a single other thought. Best therapy out there! lol Normally I don't say my hr of power prayer before bodypump but did today. Needed the boost and then finished it off with some hard stair stepping. After I got home we went to Lowes and bought about 70 bricks for a project on our patio and I picked them off the cart and would hand them to Corey and Kori Jade said"mama soo strong"!! Sweet baby girl! Daddy told her you have the strongest mama out there! So nice of Corey but what he doesn't know is that when the gym hurts sooo bad and I can't think I can do anymore I think of Corey at the gym pushing as hard as he can and knowing if he were with me he'd say keep going you can do it!!

Austin's friend Zach invited him to go tubing today so after today and 4 hrs of football camp yesterday I'm thinking he is going to be worn out and in need of a trip to Dr. Eva!! Which by the way Eva did I mention you are going to be our new vet??????? (please)??

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  1. LOL! That's what gets you lifting those insanely heavy weights!! ;) We would love to help you out with your vaccines and much cheaper. :)