Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miss U Austin!

This pic is from Turner Falls but just missing Austin! He will be home on Sunday. Lindsey will be driving him as her parents live by Austins dad. That great because we can give baby Presli her bday gift on her bday! Have not had time to post as we have been so busy with house things and it would help if Corey and I didn't visit for an hr before we get started on projects! At 10pm. lol Mema comes tomorrow!! Ya! Always a very exciting time for us when she is here. We try to really take care of her like I wish we could all the time. Corey and I are going to sneak time alone here and there. We are going to work out together on Saturday for the first time in a yr or so.(I plan on being REALLY sore! Corey is way to hard on me! lol Friday I am going to the salon for a real appointment instead of our kitchen!! Happy week!

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