Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday Funday

Monday funday went way to fast as usual. I just wish we could have a whole week here with Corey at home! One cool thing was we took Samson to Dr. Eva's with us for our adjustments and she gave Samson an adjustment! How cool is that? Your pretty amazing Eva! Just should have brought the camera though just like when Kori got her first one as a baby. We are trying to get mema's room painted and finished before she gets here. I think by the time Corey and I have any time we get to talking to much and only little gets done which means we will be doing a lot right before she gets here!

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  1. Painting together can be like a marriage retreat! When you do it right it makes you grow even closer together.

    Hey Jamie, I did the spinning class this morning here in Redondo Beach, CA. The Golds Gym here has fantastic bikes and they all work! The instructor gave no recovery time at all. Quite a work-out!