Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time Flying

This is a pic of Kori at her last jumping class at pump it up. Wanted to throw it in. I've gotten behind on blogging as its just been a busy time. Tuesday somebody broke into our house while I was at Austin's school all day. So that took up a lot of the week- just the doorman a few days and the shock!! A friend of mine ask me how Corey took it because she said he usually seems a bit reserved and wondered how he reacted. When I really started thinking about it I realized just how thankful I am about how Corey reacts to all situations. CALM! lol In return it makes me feel that way to. I have never seen him act out of control no matter what has happened. Watching someone yell out of control back in April had made me think wow I have never heard Corey yell. Anyway Praise God!

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  1. Oh! So sorry that some people don't make an honest living but steal from people who do. Sooner or later they will end up in prison where they belong.