Friday, May 29, 2009

Ya! Friday!

I was realizing I haven't had time to post these past couple of days. It's been a busy week but I can't even think what all has gone on! Wednesday we did our weekly playing with Lindsey, Dylan ,and Presli. Always such a great time. I look forward to getting to hold Presli every week, she is so sweet and has the biggest smile just like her mama! I keep trying to encourage Lindsey to be busy so she can drop off that baby at my house!! But if anyone knows how hard it may be to drop off their baby- that would be me!! lol since I have only dropped off Kori one time at Eva's! And one other time Lindsey came to our house to watch Kori for just a few hours. Thursday we got to meet Melissa's baby girl Claire. She is only 9 weeks old so she seemed so small. Amazing how you forget tso fast how little they are. She was a really pretty baby and mama was glowing! Kori rocked her in her carrier and said later she wants her OWN baby! All in good time if its God's will I told her! Going to a water feature park for toddlers if its open today so I will have to take pics to post. This sunny summer weather is just wonderful!! It makes me hardly be able to wait until we got to Turner Falls to the cabin for a few nights and get to spend time with daddy!

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  1. Which water feature park? Let's try to do that on a Friday soon! :)