Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Funday

Austin and I ran to Whole Foods today and he picked Kori a treat out of the basket when you check out since she wasn't there to pick her own. He picked the little orange(that's what he called it) I think its a clementine?? Anyway I was so shocked that she could peel the whole thing by herself! She is just growing up I guess!

Yes Austin is using an ax!! Corey and him were chopping some cedar for our fire pit. How could I forget marshmallows from Whole Foods?? Austin did a good job but I was scared watching him!! As any mother would be, right?


  1. My Dad taught all the grandkids how to peel an orange all in one piece - first place the orange on the table and press down on it with the palm of your hand. Then roll the orange back and forth on the table pressing down on it until you have rolled all over the surface of the orange. This will break the peeling away from the orange. Then begin peeling it with your fingers and you should be able to get the peel off in one piece! Give it a try! It's a fun goal.

  2. Thanks for the help with that, Steve. I didn't know that either! How fun!! I have to make my kids do theirs from now on if Kori Jade can do hers!! ;) Can we come for the smores too???