Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Times

Yesterday was really a great refreshing day. Kori and I had a slow morning and then went to Whole Foods to get food for grilling. Kori had a great idea to pick out new fingernail polish while we were there. She picked out a very bright pink that is super cute. We couldn't get home quick enough to paint her fingers and toes. She got to wear both of her swimsuits yesterday. The brown she put on last night and its hard to tell in the pic but she is eating an onion. Eating it like a fruit!! Daddy got home and he sent me off for a really nice pedicure and took out Kori for errands. After pretty flowers and a wonderful card and then a pedicure I was like wow I must be being a fantastic wife!! Corey grilled some great dinner and after Kori went down we sat out at the fire pit and made smores. Sooooo good! The chocolate bar I bought at WF was 91% coaco so I told Corey eat up its good for ya! Anyway good times! Looking forward to summer evenings outside.

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