Sunday, May 17, 2009

Water Park in May

What a great day Sunday was! We woke up a bit late and was moving slow. We needed to make early church because at noon the church had Hawaiian Falls rented out until 7 and Austin and his friend were VERY pumped up about it and wanted to start the swimming fun right at 12. In May??? BRRRRR I was thinking we were moving to slow and were maybe going to miss church. All I needed to hear was Corey say we really need to make sure we get to church. So 35 min I had us all up fed and dressed and in the car. So thankful for Corey to making sure we were where we needed to be!! Kori got to do some errand running with daddy alone which she loves and I did gym and cleaning and even lounging while they were out! Austin crashed soon after swimming and we let Kori stay up way to late! She is just so sweet though. She was twirling in circles and we ere watching again Business of Being Born. Love that and now its been playing on Showtime. I was reminded just how blessed and thankful I am for knowledge Corey and I have received about the things important to us!!


  1. I still have to watch that! How was the water yesterday? Did he freeze??

  2. Hmmm. Watching Business of Being Born? Getting any ideas for the near future? ;)