Saturday, May 23, 2009


We are one of many families who make many evening Walmart trips. Last night being our second night to go to Walmart during Kori's bedtime! What are we thinking?? Probably not our fault since the new on is SO close. We bought Kori a plastic pool and Austin we thought we'd surprise with a new scooter! So it was a fun trip. As we were in the parking lot and Corey was tying the pool to the rack of the FJ I just laughed to myself thinking how much I enjoy these silly things like watching him get it all tied up. Well the laughter may have come from thinking of last year when we got her pool home. It was the same pool in pink but we didn't have the FJ Cruiser and we put it on top of the Grand Prix and and held it w/ our hands sticking out the window!!!!! People were laughing and so were we! But its the things like that where I am so thankful to have Corey because we have quite of few stories like that! Anyway- no Walmart tonight! We have planned to cook out and lite the firepit and let Kori swim in the dark. Austin would love that because he loves the fire but he is gone for the weekend.

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