Friday, May 8, 2009


This morning got really busy. I did spin class from 5-5:30 and then Bodypump for an hour. After that I had to pick up something from Kroger. I rushed home to get the pancakes going because Friday is one of our pancake days. Austin eats first and that's when I realized we only have a bit of maple syrup left!! I don't use any because I like almond butter on mine and of course Kori eats hers plain but..... what about Corey?? I felt sad about that and he said its ok I can eat them plain. I knew this would be the only time Corey could sit and eat all the way until he came home from work. I told Austin eat get ready and wait for me by the door because I'm running out to store #2 all by 7:30! Of course by little helper runs for her shoes and off we go for syrup. I got to laughing on the way home from taking Austin t school because I had done 2 gym classes, 2 stores, made the cakes, the lunches and had Austin to school all by 7:45. It really hit me how thankful I am to just be able to do all that. Physically and mentally!


  1. One of the reasons I LOVE working out in the morning. It makes my mornings so much more productive (some people may call them crazy...but I prefer the term productive ;)