Saturday, August 1, 2009


Austin saves his money and seldom will buy anything. Every now and then when he decides he wants a bigger item I always remind him of how much money he has. And usually he quickly decides maybe he doesn't need it! But last weekend he decided he wanted a nice skateboard. So this is what he and his friend Jared have been doing lately. He's pretty good! Corey got him the awesome helmet. He has decided to wear that one on his bike to instead of his bike one. I have seen Austin in the shirt he has on in the picture everyday this week and I loved it! That is the VBS shirt this year at church. It was an amazing week at Crossroads this week! I can't wait to see the show the VBS kids put on for us at church tomorrow. All the huge animals our church had displayed everywhere were the one's from Cabella's!! Who knew you could rent them??

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  1. Don't tell Brody or Barrett you can rent the Cabella's animals! ;-)