Sunday, August 2, 2009

Big Girl Bed

This is Kori's first "real" bed! It's so cute. I figured a platform bed would be perfect in case of a roll off. And she picked out her own bedding. As you see it was a good choice. Now every since she was about 14 months old she came to sleep with us! Surprising we were a bit sad to move her out. I had no clue how she would do but last night was night 3 and she has slept all night until about 5 and comes to our room and I love her little voice saying mama and waiting at our bed! I have to add how wonderful Sunday has been today. We had to be at church by 8 :15. yikes!! VBS kids sang for us before service. I learned that we had around 900 kids this year at VBS and 455 volunteers!! That is Amazing! God is doing wonderful things at Crossroads!


  1. Now that is a girl's bed if I ever saw one - Pink Pink Pink!

    Fantastic about the 900 kids at VBS! Wow!!!

  2. Wow! That's a HUGE VBS!

    I love the new bed. As much as you miss her...I bet it's nice to just have you and Corey in bed together again!