Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fifth Grade!

Monday morning was our first day of fifth grade. Wow! Where did the other school years go? Kori was not going to let Austin get his first day of school picture by alone so there she is with him in her pj's. Kori was concerned that Austin must be scared since he is all alone(meaning without me). Austin has great teachers this year- I have known them for several years since we workout together. Austin said himself that he will be extra good this year since he would be embarrassed not to be since I see his teachers often! Ya!!


  1. yeah for gym friends at the school! always nice to be around them in different surroundings.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog this morning! I needed that pep talk!!!

  2. Who are his teachers? People from aerobics classes? That's great that you already know them!

  3. It sure helps to be connected! And... you meet all kinds of nice people at the gym - dedicated people that know the meaning and benefit of sacrifice. I bet Kori and Austin learn by your example.