Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bye Mema!

Awww! Yesterday was time to say bye to mema. Always a hard thing to do. We always take a pic outside before she goes and mema as you can tell is not smiling. She says we have to say goodbye before we get in the car. The time went by so fast when she was here I did not have time to post. Lots of playing went on and I love having Corey home an extra day. We got to spend a bit of time alone running around. Friday nite mema and I went to movie tavern for a funny movie. One downer was our fridge went out! Its only 2 yrs old but had a freon leak and is a goner!! Should we feel bummed?? Maybe but we actually picked out a much larger one and are pretty excited for it to arrive tomorrow. Anyway- bye mema! I'm pretty quick to start planning for her next trip down right after she leaves!

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