Friday, April 24, 2009

Veggie Patrol

I have been thinking quite a bit lately just how much I am thinking about and monitoring my families intake of veggies! Knowing that I'm the one who thinks and prepares all the meals I know I'm responsible if enough veggies are not being ate. And with kids it can be a challenge. Although even at time Corey is like I think I need more salad! Poor Austin- just when he think he is eating alot of them then I start talking about maybe needing more green leafy ones or some other colors that we hadn't had in a while. For the first time with Kori the other day I even had to tell her the famous line of "well if you don't eat your veggie first then there is nothing else". That one has always worked for Austin. Being that Kori is home with me all day she gets veggies at lunch. I start thinking of Austins lunch and I think ok after school snack will be 2 differ fruits! lol So thats how I started thinking I am on veggie patrol everyday. I told Corey its funny but this is a huge part of my job taking care of my family veggie needs! As usual(and thankfully) he answers with "one more reason I can only be with you" Awwww!

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