Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The story of our life(well one story anyway)... picking up our goat milk. Today wasn't to bad though as we visited a new farmer in Keller. Only 2o min away!!! Ya! Felt so much better than the usual hour or in the past 3 hrs! lol Kori was so cute packed up for our small adventure that I had to grab the camera. Thankfully she becoming quite fond of pigtails.


  1. Yay for starting a blog!

    One of the kids in our youth group has a goat. They live in Arlington. I don't know much about goats. Do you buy milk from a certain type of goat? I could see if he sells milk.

  2. Very cute...she looks ready to go!! Im fixing to have to need goats milk. Do you like the goat farm you found in Keller? Thats right down the road from me and would def be more convenient than the Collony.

  3. Lindsey- loved it! they hadalot of other things you may want to. but I have been drinking it in my cereal and it taste great. Its also grade A so there should not be any problems w/ it!